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Having a piece of original artwork and/or a limited-edition print is a wonderful addition to any home, but nothing takes the place of a painting that is absolutely "yours".  
Below are a few examples of paintings and drawings which were commissioned by individuals.
Feel free to contact us about artwork specifically executed to your own designs and decor. 



      GG's "Pool" (East Dennis, Cape Cod Bay) (24"x30")
       My father-in-law, Stafford, commissioned me to paint a picture of a lighthouse.
       He specifically asked that it not be an exisiting lighthouse which someone could look at and say,
       "Oh, that's at Nantucket" or " I remember....that's the lighthouse we saw in Maine!"  He wanted one that was unique for him.
       Well, at East Dennis Beach on Cape Cod (the favorite beach for he and my mother-in-law, Pat) there is a peninsula on which someone had built a large house.
       Using my artist's liberty, I removed the house (so sorry to the folks that live there) and in its place.....the new "East Dennis Lighthouse"!!
       By the way, to my father-in-law's surprise, I took the liberty of putting the two them, Stafford and Pat, on the beach as well! 


       Christmas At The "D's" (18"x24")
            Frank and the kids wanted to give their wife and mother, Jennifer, a special gift for Christmas.
         Frank wanted a painting of their home but with just "a few" specific details included:
         It had to be during a snowstorm, at dusk, the streetlight by their home just turning on,
         the kids playing in the front yard, christmas lights on, and warm lights shining out from inside the house as if someone
         were inside cooking. (Just "a few" details!)
         I was told when Jennifer opened the present on Christmas morning....she cried.  


         Watchman of the Valley (11"x14")
         My mother-in-law, Pat, comissioned me to do a drawing of an eagle
         to give as a gift to her good friend, Fr. John Budwick.  Historically, religiously,
         and artistically, the symbol for Saint John has always been the eagle. For my drawing
         (which is pen and ink, colored pencil, and pastel) I placed the Bald Eagle symbolically upon
         a cross-shaped tree.  One branch is dead...the other is sprouting new life.  There are other hidden
         and not-so-hidden elements in this picture...some of which I did not knowingly put there!  See if you can find them. 


       On Frozen Pond (18"x24")
         When my brother Vic and his wife Ellen moved to Florida
       they wanted to take a little bit of New York in Winter with them.
       This was their backyard.  Ellen wanted to put her Mom, Dad, and grandson in the picture as well.
       So here they are feeding the ducks and geese "On Frozen Pond".