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The paintings in Gallery 1 are acrylic on canvas.  Scroll down and click on any image to view it in a larger format.

(Please note: All images are copyright protected and cannot be reproduced without permission). 


  "Keep Me From The Snares"
"The Old Mailbox With a Hidden Message" 
The old mailbox is sharing a timeless message on this early, bright, spring morning:
 "We have an 'enemy' who wants to snare us in the traps of everyday life and will will try to hide those traps in the most unlikely places."
There is a solution however.  The companion painting below will tell the rest of the story. Both measure 14"x18".   


  "He'll Keep Your Foot From Being Caught"
"The Hidden Message of the Old Mailbox" 
This close-up painting of the old mail box reveals the hidden trap which could not be seen amidst the beauty surrounding it.
Thankfully, we can have "Someone" who will go before us and spring those traps before we get snared in them!