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The Frozen Woodfrog / Resurrection

I've devoted an entire gallery for this painting because of the uniqueness of it.
It is the largest free-standing painting I've ever done, measuring 4'x6' and is painted with acrylics on gessoed board.
Besides it's size, what makes this painting unique is the subject matter, the story behind how this painting came to be, and it's future.
Pictured here, in the middle of the hands, is a frozen Wood Frog just beginning to thaw out in the very early spring.  In the background you can see the Skunk Cabbage just beginning to poke its way up through snow.
The little girl hands are pulling on the older man hands in an effort to get a closer look at this amazing little creature.  Using the Wood Frog as an illustration, lessons are being taught from one generation to the next about the wonders of nature,
the future of "Cryogenics", and Resurrection power.
Scientists are trying to discover what makes it possible for the Wood Frog to freeze 90% of it's body fluids, become as solid as a rock, and "come back to life" in the Springtime. If they can, than they may be able to apply that knowledge to prolonging
the time needed for human organ transplants!
It is my prayer that someday this painting may assist in that effort....as well as be a tool to teach others about the power of the Resurrection. 

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