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The paintings in Gallery 3 are acrylic on canvas.  Scroll down and click on any image to view it in a larger format.


Spring Beauty
When Thomas Edison was asked what he felt the greatest invention ever made was, he responded, "A blade of grass".
This painting began as a study on the intricacies of painting grass....it just so happens there was a dandelion there against the apple tree as well. 
By the way....it is this artist's opinion that the dandelion is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world.  The only reason people don't like it is that it usually grows where they don't want it to!    


Early Summer Morning
The sun has not quite risen over the horizon, there is a mist hanging in the air and the colors are still muted.....
and Chloe the dog is getting ready to chase something (or someone)! 

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