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The paintings in Gallery 2 are acrylic on canvas (or canvas board).  Scroll down and click on any image view it in a larger format.


 Fisher(s of)men
(18" x 24")
This is my son, Paul catching his first fish at Sixth Lake in the Adorondacks.
It has always been my prayer that my boys would not only enjoy being fishermen,
but would also have the desire to be "fishers of men". 


(14"x18" on Canvas Board) 
This whimsical painting is the painting that started me painting again!
In my dream I saw this poor, weary fisherman. He had:
1) Fallen asleep with his boots still on,
2) Left the lantern burning all night, and
3) Left his Bible open to Psalm 104:20
(the animals are living out this verse and it's where we get the title).
By the way....the skunk thinks he found a relative! 


 The Gleaners
 This is my "down-home" version of Jean Francious Millet's
famous 19th Century painting.
Here however the "gleaners" are the chickens and the sparrows
picking up what the horse left after breakfast. 


 His Footsteps, Our Pathway
 In the storms of life sometimes we don't know which way to go.
But if we, like a child, walk in the footsteps of our Father,
we can be assured of always going in the right direction.