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Michael lives in Wappingers Falls, NY with his wife Clare, 5 of their 11 children, his grandchildren Nathan and Adelyn, 2 cats, and 11 chickens.  The beautiful Hudson River Valley of New York State has been home to Michael ever since he was born and it continues to be the inspiration for much of his artwork. His interest in painting began when was just four years old.  His mother, not seeing him around the house for long time, went went outside and began calling for him.  After a few minutes he came out of the barn covered in red!  Thinking the worst, his mother shouted, "Michael, what happened to you?!" He lifted up his hand, which had a big paintbrush in it, and shouted back, "I paint!"  
When he was just 10 years old, Michael won his first art contest with an oil painting of Mt. Beacon in New York (which he painted with left-over paint-by-number oil paints). He earned a BFA degree in Graphic Design from The Cleavland Institute of Art in Ohio, apprenticed 4 years with woodcarver and friend Jarvis Boone, and has taught private woodworking and art classes. His artwork reflects his love of God and the beauty of God's creation.  As you visit the different Galleries on the website you will discover that most of Michael's paintings have a unique and sometimes whimsical story behind them. His hope is to one day soon publish a book sharing those stories in detail.
It is Michael's mission to bring the purchasers and viewers of his artwork into a greater appreciation, awareness, and awe for the creation around them and for the God who created it all.